Sunday, October 11, 2015

What happens at an LLL Manchester meeting?

Many mothers ask what happens at our meetings, so hopefully here we can give you a taster of a "typical" meeting.
Meetings start at 10 am, and Mums generally start arriving from just before 10, until well into the meeting...we'll never be cross if you are late, just grab a seat make yourself comfy and relax.
We start each meeting with a circle of Mums, babies,and children,  we introduce ourselves, and go through the boring (but important) stuff like housekeeping and fire exits. There might also be some notices of upcoming events or important news.
Each month we have a theme (a series meeting), and one of the Leaders will lead a discussion around that theme. Mothers usually need little encouragement to get the conversations going! Though there is never any pressure to join in unless you want to. There is lots of lively discussion and plenty of empathy and support, there is a lot to be said for the love in a room full of lactating women! All that oxytocin !
At around 11, we break for refreshments. The Manchester mothers have quite a reputation for their baking.
While everyone is eating cake and drinking tea, there is time to browse our well stocked library, chat with other mothers and get one to one support from any of the leaders present if you need it.
The meeting ends at 11.45, breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to finish feeding before leaving, we never rush them out.

So, don't be shy, come along, we guarantee a warm welcome and a cup of tea.